Thursday, February 11, 2010

sunlight in the afternoon

yes, it's only 4:15 pm. but i don't feel like starting work.  i've been searching around to find out what's the cheapest way for me to get cases of bottled water delivered to me at school.  it's proving more difficult than i imagined.

fasting again today.  tried to c&s a couple crackers. did it with one.  decided i didn't want them at all.  magic.  i suppose i figure if i don't allow myself to eat all the binge-triggering foods (french fries, pizza) then it's like i don't really want anything at all.  maybe i'll eat a few slices of grapefruit late tonight though?  i haven't decided.  i'm running out of kool-aid packets.

my friends and i are going into philly on saturday, i get a free check-in to see if my back piercings are healing correctly.  we're also going to see that movie, Valentine's Day, and do dinner for my friend's birthday.  i'm not worried though, being vegetarian always allows me to just order a salad "with dressing on the side" (aka dry because i won't use it).  the way i'm looking at it now is: the food will always be there later.  our DC menu repeats every six weeks.  just because i can't have the food today, doesn't mean that sometime in the distant future it won't be there. it will always be there.  it's just not for me right now. fine. i can handle that. and i will be skinny.
to be entirely honest, i'm pretty sick of philadelphia.  i've lived right outside of it my whole life, and it's just getting tiresome.  i need a new city.  i think after i graduate i might move to california.  i hate the cold.

well i suppose i'll leave you with that, maybe i'll update on how the rest of the day went later.  haha, sidenote, i love how i follow people, and some people follow me, who live in like the uk and such.  you're all finished with your successful days turning down food, while i'm still in the middle of mine.  and people on the west coast are three hours behind me.  time is such a funny thing in that way.  anyway, off to read some social cognition study, some more virginia woolf, and abnormal psych on depression and suicide, yay!

anastasia kirstyn

(if only it was warmer!)

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