Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tuesday update

okso i skipped out on the ice cream cake at the birthday party.  but i did slip and have some chips and a few pieces of candy.

and so i have revised my plan.  i'm doing every other day fasting for the next five days.  full day of fasting tomorrow.  allowing 40 calories thursday, in grapefruit or salad (only fruits and veggies) if i feel like i need it.  then fasting again friday.  allowing 60 calories of fruits or veggies saturday, if i need it. and fasting again sunday.  i'm trying to get down to my next goal of 106.0, so i'm trying to keep it really low until then, when maybe i'll give myself one day with some more calories than that.  i really seem to be an all-or-nothing type, so just denying myself completely seems like the only way to go.

also, in the spirit of lent (even though i'm not catholic, and don't do that), i'm joining in (slightly).  i'm not allowing myself one chip or piece of candy until i hit 98 pounds.  added to that is dessert in general which i don't care that much about and don't eat anyway (cookies, pie, ice cream, etc).  i'm really just not a fan, and i'm lactose intolerant.  really it looks like my food choices for the next few weeks will be fruits, vegetables, and maybe a few crackers or a little cereal every once in a while; it's bad for me to try and cut out all bread products at once, that leads to binges.  but i'm feeling good about it.  and i'm telling my friends (although i'm just telling them i'm cutting them out for three weeks, so they don't think i'm trying to lose weight) so they won't let me eat them in their presence.  which is the only times i have been, at random parties/gettogethers.

i wish everyone else luck with what they're giving up!
anastasia kirstyn

my friend was so surprised about her birthday party!! we got her new boyfriend in on it to distract her, and she didn't suspect a thing!

(kate moss. a goddess)


  1. I'm giving up chocolate/candy for Lent - it's my favorite binge food and I need to stop eating it. Good luck with your goals!

  2. I should give up something, chocolate and candy I think, it's a big no no, good luck with yours, your friends party sounds lovely, it's so nice that you did that for her, I hope your alright, x.