Saturday, February 13, 2010

112.0? magic.

so i didn't even get the chance to be happy about getting to 113.0, because today when i woke up i was 112.0 (!!) it seems fasting is working.  (also, is it terrible how much happier losing weight makes me?  probably.)

have a lovely day ladies, mine is really busy (going into the city, coming back for parties & shows) but i'll tell you all about it once it's over.  also i'm ordering clothes online this weekend. hopefully those badass shoes i've been ogling over all week (see posts below). and a new circle scarf from american apparel. yay.

anastasia kirstyn
(things my day will include)

(marlboro menthols, mm. and texting, comme toujours)

(train rides. eye makeups. yum)

(friends! and heels!)

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