Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a sham(ed)

yesterday was bad. today was better, but not by much.
trying to do less than 50 calories through sunday. trying right now seems to be the key word.
i feel disgusting.  i'm sorry you all have to hear about my failures, i'm just going to leave it at that.

on the other side, my three wednesday classes are cancelled for tomorrow because of the massive amounts of snow we're supposed to get. which means i can snuggle in bed most of the day doing my readings, and not going to the dining center.  i'm trying to not go at all for the rest of the week, to avoid temptation.

anyway, to throw the light to some other topic.  today i'm playing "What's in your bag?" which i read on anna maria's blog, fake fading memories, and though was kind of fun, even though my bag is kind of school-filled right now.

the bag: a beige and white thin-striped calvin klein tote bag. matches almost everything i wear. love.
open pocket one: three mechanical pencils (the thinnest ones), four pens (black and blue ink), a few empty equal packets and an empty koolaid packet (yay 0 cals!)
open pocket two: headphones for the ipod, tissues, ibuprofen, sugarfree orbit gum (wintermint!), my cellular (an env touch, i really like it)
zipper pocket: marlboro menthol cigarettes (tsk tsk, i know), a green lighter that matches the pack, more equal and kool-aid packets (full), my ipod that i cannot live without, birth control kept in a starbucks card holder, haha
brown coach clutch inside the bag: student id card (which i actually like my picture on, crazy), my room key, peptobismol tablets, lactaid pills (fucked up digestive system, anyone?), more pieces of gum, some spare change, more ibuprofen, and burt's bees chapstick!
coach wallet: containing my driver's license, health insurance card, debit card, gift cards to clothing stores and starbucks, money (a whole fifteen dollars, whoa!), and old receipts/crap.
the big portion of the bag: english lit notebook, a letter from my mother (actually, bills, from my mother, haha), a bottle of poland spring water, hand sanitizer, a comb, some random pretty earrings, and normally, my white macbook, which i am currently using.

sorry that was kind of a filler, but maybe it will inspire you to tell me what's in your bag!
anyway, time to get to even more reading so i can watch Damages later (Rose Byrne who plays the young badass lawyer Ellen Parsons, is the most amazing thinspo!!)

i love her!

 i also can't get over shoes like these!
so if you see any for a steal, let me know, i'm dyingg for some!

love & luck,
anastasia kirstyn


  1. same height, but your tiny!
    if your looking for a ana buddy let me know.
    it seems as though most of these online blogs are 5'6" girls and up...the shoes are great but the glasses have got me.

  2. aw thanks coraline, i hardly feel "tiny", being only 4 lbs below my highest weight, but it's nice to hear you think so.
    i'd love if we helped each other out!

    and yess! i love the sunglasses! i've never been able to pull off the big shades, but i always envision myself marykate olsen skinny where my face is skinny enough to look good with them, lol.