Sunday, February 7, 2010

successful sunday!

so just a quick update before i get back to my psych and french readings and then head off to a capella was a success!

i only had: 2 grapefruit sections (15)
                   20 pieces (~1/4 cup) of cinnamon toast crunch (45)
                   total: 60 calories.

i may allow myself two more pieces of grapefruit at the end of the night, but that will only bring it up to 75, so i'm satisfied with that.  I'm keeping up with my 120 calories or less for the next four days at least, but hopefully five.  i decided i don't want to do no-carb just yet, have to work my way up to that.  and i'm allowing myself one night each week of drinking, but this week will not include a french fry day because of how bad yesterday was.  Plus side is today i was 115.0 (which is sad because the day before i was at 114.0, but i'm still lower than when i started this serious restriction).
also, my latest favorite no-calorie pleasure: 0-cal koolaid packets!  they're actually for like quart-size containers, but i just add ~1/2 a packet to a bottle of water and ~3-5 equal sweetener (also 0-cal) and then you have tons of flavor, no sodium, and no calories!  seriously it's my savior for when i'm sick of plain water and want to taste something sweet. and they're only about 30 cents a packet in the supermarket, which i'm pretty sure is cheaper than those crystal light packets and what not.
today was low-key, full of reading, enjoying my clean room, and the sunshine (finally!!) streaming in through my window.  hope everyone's week starts off well, mondays are always a new beginning.

love always,
anastasia kirstyn

(why yes, i am feeling happier than usual today)


  1. glad you like the song.
    read your blog and glad your week turned around for the better. stay strong and keep a positive attitude ana!

  2. I love this picture. Their tummies are amazing! x