Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a list of things to do in my life

some people call them bucket lists.
i like my title better.  anyway, my friends and i decided to make them, and so far, this is what i've come up with, though i'm going to keep adding on. this also might give you a better idea of who i am, so enjoy, and make your own. also i feel like it probably puts things into perspective.

Fall in love
Have sex with someone i actually love
Speak French fluently
Get back to 95 pounds, then drop to 89
Have a dream in French
Spend time in France, Italy, the UK, Australia, Ireland, Seattle,  Norway
Get married on a plantation-style backyard of a mansion
Own a huge mansion
Have tons of money & live lavishly, BUT donate lots to charity
Be involved in the fashion industry for a period of time
Dye my hair blonde
Jump off a cliff into the ocean
Learn about photography and take pretty pictures, put them on flickr
Visit the Notre Dame & the Sistine Chapel
Cry about my own life more than twice a year
Learn to play Beethoven's Piano Sonata #23
Learn to play the violin
Go to Quaker Meeting in another country
Go to New Orleans for Mardis Gras
Work at a trendy job for a period of time
Go to a wine tasting
Spend a whole day in bed with someone i love
Have a love letter written to me
Do a painting i really like
Make a difference to a kid (or teenager)
Buy myself a trampoline 
Own a baby grand piano
Be told i'm beautiful by an intriguing stranger
Leave a nice note for someone in a library book, and a book in a bookstore
When i'm sad go to one of those lifeguard stands on a beach, have someone find me there (√† la marissa cooper)
Date a badboy
Date a celebrity
Be proposed to in a really romantic way
Learn to sing L'amour est une oiseau rebelle, from Carmen
Have a kitty cat
Read a book that changes my life/outlook
Own and drive a Black Escalade
Go to the Sundance Film Festival
Go to Bonarroo [going this summer!]
Be part of an independent film
Read some of "How to Make Friends and Influence People"
Become a good enough runner that I enjoy it
Be confident enough to go to an ABC party wearing only police tape
Dance naked with my friends in the rain
Have sex against a wall
Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in a tree
Spend time doing interior design
Go to Fashion Week
Be unexpectedly kissed under mistletoe
Go back to the Space Needle
Fork someone's lawn
Make out passionately while being carried up the stairs (like that scene in The Notebook)

anastasia kirstyn


  1. Love your list :)
    I'd like to EVERY thing on it, haha.

  2. thanks! you guys should definitely make your own, it was really fun!
    (and will be, when i do all those things!)