Wednesday, February 10, 2010

getting to know each other

in the same vein as the last post, i decided i'm going to try to tell you some random things about myself. eating and weight do not define me, even if they do take up a significant portion of my thoughts.

a) i'm most likely going to be a psychology major (i'm a freshman, so i have a year left to declare), and considering minors in english and cultural anthropology (it is seriously amazing! i recommend taking at least one class in your college career). perhaps a double major in psych and english? we'll see...
b)i'm obsessed with music! mostly indie/alternative/folk, i guess, if you have to put a label on it.
my most-listened to's of late are:
                                St. Vincent  (who i'm seeing this month!!!)
                                Bon Iver  (title of the blog, courtesy of that lovely man)
                                Elliott Smith  (actually my allll-time fave)
                                Sufjan Stevens                   
                                Bright Eyes  (who i saw in 2007, i can die happy!)
                                Peter Bjorn and John                
                                The Beatles  (genius)
                                Of Montreal                                        
                                Fleet Foxes
                                The Tallest Man on Earth
                                Yeah Yeah Yeahs (saw this summer, Karen O is insane)
                                Grizzly Bear
                                Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
                                Atlas Sound

i recommend them all, and so much more, if you're interested (told you i was obsessed)

c) related to music, i'm going to Bonnaroo 2010 in Tennessee in June!!! so excited.
d) i love fashion, but blame my severe lack of style on not having money, or time. it's a lame excuse, i know, but i like to think i'll work on it after i graduate or something. anyway, my walls are completely covered with magazine ads from Vogue.  i'll put some up, sometime.
e) i just got my back pierced! microdermals, in the spot of back dimples. i love them. 
             they look like this: (though this is not me, and mine are diamond-like gems)

f) i love the french language, french culture, french film, french impressionist art, french fashion...i'll hopefully study abroad there junior year.
g) i love art. i miss painting and drawing, but still sometimes collage.  i honestly have no time during the semester, but next week, i'm going to open art night on wednesdays on campus, which is like free studio time with figure models!
h) i hate the cold. don't ask me why i still live in the northeast.  the reasoning still escapes me.
i) i haven't grown in height since i was like 9.  and i still own and wear sneakers from the fourth grade. haha.
j) i used to dance, all the time. i was in a company and did ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, tap, hip-hop for like 15-20 hours a week. i stopped once i got to college. i am so tired of scheduled dance time.
k) my major weakness is french fries. they serve them at school every single day.
l) i am extremely vain about my long hair.  i have a fear that someone will cut it off when i'm sleeping; not a joke.
m) i want to learn photography more than anything! i hope i get into the intro class in the fall semester!
n) i am a serious researcher.  if i want to do, see, buy anything, i have to research it to death and know every possible angle and fact.  it's good in some instances, bad when what i'm researching is not related to schoolwork at all...
o) i have a pet fish! he's beautiful, a blue and red beta fish.  and i need help naming him, open to suggestions :)
p) i miss my car (silver hyundai elantra that i bought allll by myself). freshman aren't allowed to have them on campus. i call mine both "carcar" and "ma coche", so creative, i know.
q) one thing i do like about my body: so far, my hip bones, ribs, and bones in back have remained visible forever.  merci to whatever gave me this, i suppose.
r) i have casual sex.  lots of it.  really for a lack of someone i care about.  it works for me; i'm not really slutty, i just like it, and i tend to work the cute factor in getting hookups.  plus, it's college, alll the boys want it.
s) i take a daily multivitamin.  you should too!
t) i constantly keep my toe-nails french manicured.  and if i had the patience, i'd keep my fingernails that way, too.
u) i have a sudden dangly/big earring obsession.  i keep buying them, and i wear them every day.  also my french professor remarks to me at least once a week "Tes boucles d'oreille!  Très belles!"
v) i'm in the middle of reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. it is ridiculous, but recommended.
w) my perfume of choice is Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren. it vaguely reminds me of boy, and it is delicious.
x) i never go out without mascara (this month's new choice is covergirl lashblast, the orange one), and my necklace with a diamond charm on it (though i change that from time to time), which currently looks like this:

y) i'm a summer camp counselor, and a serious babysitter. i love kids, and arts & crafts, haha.
z) i would be seriously surprised if you read all of this!  but if you did, do your own, tell me, and i promise i'll read it!

also, here's a random, mildly funny fact i just read in my abnormal psych textbook: The food of choice for those who have "night eating syndrome" (which is a component of obesity) is a peanut butter sandwich.
why my textbook feels the need to tell me this specific fact is beyond me, but i had a good laugh.

well, lovelies, off to read some virginia woolf and sleep in more than usual (my first class on any given day is at 11:30 anyway; i always sleep in!) because of the snow.
lots of love,
anastasia kirstyn

just cause i know you want it::


  1. wow we have a lot in common. a few things in particular...
    -i'm OBSESSED with of montreal
    -also with piercings and i've considered getting that same back piercing
    -i never go out without mascara either and i've been using lashblast since it came out. love it!!
    -i would die if anyone cut my hair haha. its not extremely long (probably 4-5 inches past my shoulders) but my hair is one of the few things i love about myself and i take great pride in it lol
    -i hate the cold and i've lived in freaking ohio my whole life haha. what the heck
    -i didn't finish school but i was majoring in photography
    -i make half my living babysitting
    haha anyways....have a great day! =D

  2. haha yea wow, we do! thanks for sharing! i've actually felt like i relate to so much you write about in your blog, it's nice to know someone else out there is like me!
    are you ever thinking of going back to school? photography seems so amazing me!