Friday, February 12, 2010


i woke up this morning. an hour early at 10. after going to bed at 6:30am. to WATER DRIPPING ON MY FACE. MY CEILING IS LEAKINGG. i don't even live on the top floor of my door (the fourth) I LIVE ON THE THIRD FLOOR.
no one from maintenance is calling me back, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.

on the plus side, i weighed in this morning at 113.5 lbs. which is only .5 more than what i wanted. THANK GOD FOR FASTING.

thanks for letting me vent, I'M STILL COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT.
more later,
ANASTASIA KIRSTYN (so grossed out so grossed out so grossed out)

this is why i absolutely hate the snow.

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