Thursday, February 4, 2010

somehow this february will be good

normally february sucks. it's cold, windy, and gray, and snows too much. and although those things are still true this year, this february i'm going to lose at least eight pounds. therefore, good.  i've been really motivated by everyone else's blogs and commitments to this new month, keep going!
also, i rediscovered the amazingness of 'personal thinspo'; which is looking at pictures of myself at my skinniest (actually, four pounds above my skinniest [20 lbs less than i am now]) and using them as motivation now. in a way they're depressing, yet hopeful, because i know i can get there. strangely i have no pictures from my thinnest point.

the one one the right; and actually this is probably around 100-102, but it was the first picture i remember thinking i looked okay in, and when i lost weight without really trying or totally caring.

left; 99. 

second from the right;

on the right;
those are 96. back when i was comfortable dancing. i will absolutely be able to do this.

anyway, i have lots of reading and essays to do (on a thursday! ugh!), but i'll probably be back with another post later tonight.  i'll leave you with my intake for the day (up from yesterday, but still under my 400 calorie limit) and some thinspo.
                                            1/2 a grapefruit (50)
                                            chips (175) [i know, i know! so bad!]
                                            1/2 cup of cinnamon toast crunch (90) [ugh more carbs]
                                            total: 315.

so tomorrow can only get better! also i've been leaving out beverages because i only really drink water and diet pepsi.
lots of luck to the rest of you for today!

anastasia kirstyn


  1. Yeah, I like to avoid drinks that have calories in them (except for my coffee in the morning!).
    In the pictures, were you trying to lose weight then?

    Also, great thinspo!! :)

  2. wow, what great thinspo of yourself! i definitely agree that your own thinspo can be very motivating because you KNOW you can get there and look like that since you did at one point. good intake also! good luck on your homework! =)

  3. Emma-i've actually always been on the small side, but in the first one i had lost like 4-6 pounds cause i got really excited about the special k challenge (basically i just ate special k for breakfast and lunch, along with a grapefruit and yogurt, and then dinner normally). for the rest of the pictures though, it was once i started really counting calories. i used to just try to lose 1-2 pounds a week, but by the last two pictures was when i was really messed up with restricting all week/bingeing on weekends. i realized i deleted my eating history, but once i put it back up, it'll make more sense.

    and 00wannabe-thank you for saying that, you're so sweet!