Monday, September 13, 2010


well hello, long time no see.
i'm back!

summer went really well, i had tons of fun. enough said there.
in all honesty i didn't know if i was going to come back to this blog a few weeks ago. i wasn't feeling as ED-centered/focused as usual (though i had lost was just not my main focus at all).

but of course, today i check the scale for the first time in a few days...and i'm down like three pounds this week. &i have no idea how it happened.  i drank three nights this week, and i thought i was eating a normal person amount, and i did not exercise.
maybe it was the sex i've been having.  or maybe i'm just eating way less than i think, i wasn't counting.
soo i realized i need an outlet, and i also realized my eating/weight issues are obviously still a concern for me.

so overall update, i'm about 13 pounds down from may, when i left school.  my friends all noticed the weight loss, even though i honestly can't tell looking at myself.  "wow you lost like a lot of weight this summer you look so much skinnier"  and casually after i remarked about some girl passing by having lost weight, "yea did you lose weight cause it looks like it". honestly i was fluctuating around 116 once i went to work at camp, and then i got strep throat and couldn't eat because of the pain for a few days, and i dropped a few pounds...and now it's just getting easier and my body seems to want the weight to come off.  i can't wear my skinny jeans without a belt, my hip bones are back, my back is all ribs and backbones. i guess i there are differences. it's weird that it's happening without a lot of effort from me.  the cool thing about this school year (sophomore in college woo) is that i'm living in an on-campus apartment, so i'm off the meal plan and can eat/not eat whatever i want.  i basically have lots of snack food, very little meal food, plenty of veggies, and some vegetarian stuff for when i do feel like eating dinner.  my schedule makes it so lunch just doesn't really happen, since i don't go to the dining center for it...i just don't bring food with me upcampus to class.  it's so simple.

so that's what's new on the eating/weight scene for me.  i'm really tired and have so much work to do, but i promise i'll update you on juicy details (boys boys boys) later.

lots of love,
anastasia kirstyn

(th)inspiration? absolutely.