Wednesday, January 20, 2010

shopping classes, reading books, starving, mmm.

 so classes have started, i think my schedule is figured out. i'm taking two psychology classes (one is abnormal psych, with a professor whose main area of study is eating disorders, lucky me), one 20th century british lit class (the novel) which i'm really excited for, and this contemporary french culture class.  it should be a good semester, i hope.  i'm easing my way back into not eating. i braved the scale yesterday and found out i didn't gain any weight over winter break, so i'm neutral. the past two days i've probably cut intake down to about 600-700 calories/day, but i'm really aiming for under 400. i can now easily skip lunch due to my schedule, especially once i start up work again.  i decided to go on birth control, it seems like a smart idea given my weekend excursions.  i'm pretty sure it won't make me gain weight though, no worries, i looked it up.  forgive me if this is boring and short, i'm still kind of sleep deprived right now; ahh college.  soon i'll put up some pretty pictures to make this more interesting, promise.  well i should go delve into Heart of Darkness (one of my least favorite books ever) as it's due tomorrow.

anastasia kirstyn

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