Monday, March 29, 2010

new motivation

can't really keep this to myself.
just got personal thinspo thrown in my face, by my friend posting last year's memorial day pictures on facebook today, first time i've seen them.  let's remember that last year at memorial day i was somewhere between 100-106.

i remember all i ate that day was a salad without dressing, and drank tons of strawberry powerade zero to keep myself hydrated.  pretty sure that's how many of those days then were.  there's no fat on the inside of my knees in that picture! there's extra space around my arms in that xs abercrombie jacket (now it's skin tight) no muffin top! my stomach had to have been so little to enjoy fitting in that tight jacket loosely.

it's by no means perfect, i still want to be a decent amount thinner than that. but maybe this was exactly what i need, the most opportune thinspiration, remembering i have been there, i can do this.

love&luck to you all,
because we can do this,
anastasia kirstyn

also, intake today: 400kcal.  cutting down to 200 or less tomorrow.


  1. old pics are the abs BEST thinspo for me too.

    you can get there :)

  2. Hey there,

    You seem like a very determined and strong minded girl - so you'll do it. You know you can.

    We have similar music tastes :) that's what drew me to your blog actually, your title. I LOVE bright eyes, and conors self titled solo album, and elliot smith. So young so tragic. I love Good Will Hunting as elliot smith doesthe sound track.

    Also I love the garden state, great film :) you say on your profile film suggestions please - have you seen "into the wild"? It's amazing and has a great soundtrack.

    Violet x

  3. At least your old pics are thinspiring. My old ones show me at my higher weight AND with the extra "baby" fat still on.

    Anyways, I'm sure you can get back down to that. Stay strong because we're all here for you!

  4. OMG you are so beautiful! That is amazing. Definitely put it up on your wall or fridge so you can see it every day. How fun it must be to see your real life thinspo right in front of you!!

    Keep it up gorgeous!

    xoxo zen