Tuesday, March 23, 2010


sorry i'm neglecting posting and commenting.
literally worked on a paper all the hours of sunday.
fasted saturday, then decided to drink, got drunk, binged while drunk, ate the next day due to a hangover and a "fuck it" attitude, then got my period.
so i'm fat. and disgusting. and i hate myself.
fruit "fasting" tomorrow.  as in it's the only time they'll have fresh berries and melon for the next month at the dining center tomorrow, and i'm craving something healthy!!
trying to do under fifty calories for the rest of the week. might take that adderall i've been saving as a cheat.  i just need to see a real change.  the weeks before school's over are getting less and less. and then it's bikini season.  and then i have to be around my family who will make me eat again. so i need to stay committed.

hope you're all doing well
got to get to schoolwork again
anastasia kirstyn


  1. i love love love your thinsp

  2. I HATE bathing suit season!! I wouldn't dream of walking around in public in my underwear, so why would I want to in a bathing suit--which is underwear made of a water-repellent material?! So stupid!
    Anyway, I hear you on the alcohol thing...I ALWAYS eat shitty after I'm drunk. I'm contemplating fasting (which I don't usually do) on Saturday so I can drink--It'll probably backfire and I'll get more drunk and binge on more junk food, haha.