Sunday, March 14, 2010

mm willa holland

hey all,
    don't have much to say.  my superstrict plan starts tomorrow (well today i guess, given the time), since i'll be back at school.  i'm not going into details out of fear i'll jinx it, but i'm committed.  i have to drop all this weight by the end of the semester, otherwise it'll be much harder to hide eating habits once i'm home.

leaving you with a little willa holland thinspo.  she played kaitlyn cooper on the OC (lovee).  also she's got a gorgeous face.
anastasia kirstyn


  1. I wish you all my luck on your new plan, I know you can do it and reach your goals, and that girl is beautiful, I hope your okay, x.

  2. Oh she is precious. No need to delve into the details, just thrust right into your plan. You will succeed.

    xoxo zen