Thursday, March 18, 2010

finally things are moving up, and the weight's going down

well, hello!
(sense the better mood?)  it sometimes strikes me as sad that a little bit of weight loss and feeling like i've got control over something and can be successful puts me in a better mood.  i joined that blog 10-day weight-loss competition and so far it's going well.  i ate more than i intended yesterday but was definitely still at weight loss level (~500 calories) and i dropped a few pounds (as of this morning)!  By the end of today i was down to 120.5, hooray!  even though that's still huge, the numbers are going down.  wonderful.  all i ate today was a salad (~a little bit of lettuce, a few pieces of tomato, a few edamame beans) which was probably somewhere between 25-50 calories.  lovely.
at this rate, i hope to be down to my stagnant weight (116) in like five days.  we'll see how that goes because i know technically my body should only burn off a half pound a day.  so anything more doesn't really make sense, since even if i exercise to the max it'll probably only add like one more pound off a week. lame.

aside from that school is actually kind of stressing me out.  i have a huge paper due sunday night that i've barely started, and things just seem to be piling up already and we only have six weeks left before finals (WHAT?! WHERE DID FRESHMAN YEAR GO?? give it backkk).  luckily finals is two weeks long, and i'll only have two new papers to write and one to edit and resubmit.  Totally doable.  I could do that in like four or five days.  Plus all that extra time without having classes and other work means I can go to the gym more and go to work more, because i'm in desperate need of money.  I'm also looking forward to the end because our school does this huge two-day party on the green as soon as classes end where they have things like moonbounces and hire bands and everyone's just totally trashed the whole time.  should be fun. then in the middle of the two weeks my a cappella group is doing recording for a cd, at some place in philly!  and then after finals i have five weeks to hopefully work a little, relax a bit, and then i'm off to be a camp counselor for the last year.  i'm hoping to go back at the low weight i went in at two summers ago, when i was 92 lbs.  take that other skinny bitch counselors.  i'll be hotter than you again.

anyway i hope all you guys are doing well and i hope the weather is nice for you (because it's 60+ degrees here!! this never happens here in march!!)
also i hope you're all doing well with your weight goals,
it's hard, definitely, but we can all do this, really,
even if you've had a bad month (or a bad couple months, years) you can start over,
that's the best part: the weight will come off again.  really, it will.  just knowing that is a relief.
anastasia kirstyn

ps. here's some Kaya Scodelario thinspo.  She plays Effie on the british tv drama "Skins".  If you haven't heard of it or haven't seen it, GO. Watch it NOW!  It's awesome, and the first series has a lovely thin ana girl named Cassie who's quirky and adorable to idolize (i'll give you some of her thinspo later). Last episode of the second series tonight! (well tomorrow for us silly americans who have to watch it on youtube or whatever tomorrow)


  1. ooh skins? i think i heard about it but not not enough reviews to actually make me want to watch it. i think i will give it a try now. it seems pretty cool!

  2. Just found this - love your blog, love your attitude, you have inspired me. Have stolen your list of music - you should try Laura Marling and damien Rice if you haven't already. She is fucked up and beautiful, he is ethereal and mesmerising.


  3. yikes...i'm scared about finals. i still have homework to finish before break ends. oh boy. congrats on losing weight. i know you'll be able to keep it up. stay strong, darling.