Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let's compete.

So my superskinny guy friend from home (he's still a senior in high school) told me he can't visit me at school this month because during his free week (when the rest of the seniors are on senior trip at disneyworld, and he chose to save money and stay home) he will be participating in a sort of "biggest loser" competition with another friend.  They're basically running, going to the gym together blah blah all week.  not like he needs it.  Whatever.  And today I was reading The Skinny Waste and she mentioned A COMPETITION (!!) a fellow blogger has started at her blog Miss Burton In Wonderland.  10 days.  Post current stats, and daily stats, and a goal for the end of the 10 days.  Granted I always feel at a disadvantage in these things as a result of being short and therefor my body burning fewer calories on its own and during exercise and such.  So i'm just trying to set a goal for myself, and hopefully my body will follow suit.

Guess it's time to own up then, I've ballooned up to 123 lbs.  Which is disgusting and is horribly, a new high weight. :(  I'm super disappointed but i guess i should have expected it after eating horribly and drinking all of spring break.  But now i'm even more committed especially because i'll have to report everyday and look at everyone else's progress!  Sounds great.

I went to my first aerobics class today, which was good but i hadn't eaten all day and hadn't drank much water so i started to feel faint after about a half hour and had to sit for a few minutes (silly me, i know i always pass out when i'm dehydrated.  even if i'm not exercising!).  but i got back up and it was great.  apparently my abdominal muscles aren't completely gone even though i stopped working those out months ago, and my leg muscles are there too, just grossly covered by fat.  I can't stop staring at the pictures of my friends and i on my walls when i was 100 pounds, 95 pounds, etc.  I look so much better. I'm going to do it!  Also I have about nine and half weeks of school left where no one can force me to eat and i have free (well, truly, paid for in tuition i suppose) gym access.  Might as well use it to my advantage.  Even if i only lose a measly 3-4 pounds each week i'll be back down to the double digits by the time i leave for summer vacation.  and that would be perfect.  TIME TO GET SERIOUS AGAIN.  eating today went okay actually, even though i did have dinner because i felt sick and truly afraid i would pass out, it was much better than these binge-filled days.  I am back on track.  I hope you all feel that way too!

Also a reallyyy reallyy huge thanks to Ella, who commented on my last post.  Hearing that i was your thinspiration made me feel so good, and your confidence in me is so helpful.  It made me realize I CAN do this, i've done it before, and it got so easy with a little bit of time.  It's so great to know that people are reading and trying too, and inspiring each other.  THANK YOU!

thinking thin, thin, thinner,
<3 anastasia kirstyn

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  1. woooh what a nice blog!!!
    like what i see so far, will probably sit down tomorrow and read a bit to get to know you better.
    anyhow, i actually only wanted to say thank you for the stats :D
    may the biggest loser win, huh?