Tuesday, April 27, 2010

crisis mode.

someone took pictures of our a cappella concert this saturday.


as in. i'm fucking huge.
like. huger than huge. i thought being 116 was huge? oh no. this is DISGUSTING. 123 is DISGUSTING.

solution? not eating.

can i eat under 100 calories each day for the next three days?
cause then it's a drinking fest at my school for two days.
and then it's back to restriction restriction restriction.
this is ridiculous.


  1. Girl i can felel you
    i got how you feel
    but you have to eat a bit more not much just a bit in order to loose the calories in a way that you want take them back
    you dont want to harm yourshelf right?
    love you
    take care
    xoxo natalia


  2. That's pretty much a 3day fast.
    Pounds drop nice and quick that way.
    And btw... you are NOT disgusting, you are lovely.

    xoxo zen

  3. you're lovely.
    not disgusting.

  4. see how things play out.
    maybe just bloating, or you drank alot.
    maybe tune up your excerise.

    good luck!

  5. Wow I just found this blog and read through every single post...I may be addicted!! You really inspire me. Post again soon!

  6. Well I noticed that I gained lbs when I started working out... It freaked me out at first but I started to look better and still weighed a little more... Muscle is a lot more dense so try working out and eating a lot of vegetables and fruit... Make sure you get some protein though. If your body starts to think its starving it will hold onto everything and bloat. Also make sure to keep yourself hydrated. You might hold onto a little water weight at first but it will subside and your body will love you for not dehydrating it!


  7. Come back. You've disappeared! :(

  8. Lady, don't beat yourself up so much! The more you do that, the harder you're gona make it for yourself. Ok so you feel like you've lost control -just let it go and decide to start afresh. I believe in you -you'll get there when you're ready! Cx.

  9. I found your blog a month ago and read every post! Post again soon, I'm dying to know whats been going on. You inspire me, truely.
    And you are far from disgusting!

  10. I'm new to this whole blogging business and I don't know if you are planning on updating this blog, but I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you, for posting as much as you did about your struggles. You have inspired me so much;; it's hard enough for us short girls to drop a significant number of pounds.

    again, thank you, and keep on trudging <3