Tuesday, January 4, 2011

neww yearrrr

so yay, it's the new year.
yes a new start, but at the same time not, because i was doing really well in december.  really, now i'm just lucky because i'm spending my last two weeks at home recovering from getting my tonsils out and not being able to eat a thing.  who knows how long it will be before i can eat rougher foods (ie chips crackers, all the carbs that are normally my downfall).  could be three weeks to a month. &for me, once certain foods are cut out of what you can eat, it's just easier and easier to cut out one more type, and then another and another until eventually all you're intaking is like celery, diet soda, and vitamin water. love it.
so hopefully i'll lose a few pounds in the next two weeks just by default because of the pain (tylenol with codeine is such a joke, my aunt who's a nurse told me it never works and now i should ask for something stronger).

anyway, i hope you all are doing well with this fresh start that is 2011.  you can reach your goals!
i feel really lucky, i am both forced and have a legitimate excuse to not eat/be weird about eating for a whilee. (we are such sick people, aren't we?)

so don't really have much to say, nor will i for the next two weeks as my life will be filled with television and movies for two weeks.  film recommendations anyone?? tomorrow i'm watching y tu mama tambien and run, lola, run...but i could also use some lighthearted/upbeat (but QUALITY) ones too!

love&luck for january&beyond,

hell yeah.


  1. not sure about films but that 2011 legs thinspo is wonderful. i want that gap!

  2. the year of the gap, legendary.
    thank you for the kind words of luck, and also, unrelated, but we started our blogs at almost the exact same time! haha.
    i wish i had an excuse, so no one would question it. but oh well.

    stay lovely. <3

  3. To prove how sick we are, I'm jealous that you have an excuse not to eat!
    Hope the pain eases up, though.
    And I adore that 2011 picture! <3

  4. The year of the gap is so true..how do you diet? check out my blog I'd like to share strategies!

    xox Dina