Tuesday, December 21, 2010


apparently i can't lose 5 pounds without everyone i know asking me if i'm not eating.
woops, guess i'm not. fuck you all for noticing.

i want thin, kthanks.


  1. I feel exactly the same. My parents comment on my eating all the time. I wish they'd but out and let me do what i wanted x

  2. sorry darling. i'll have the same problem on my winter vacation. hang in there, chin up.

  3. my parents like to make jokes on how everything i eat should be low fat and stuff like that. and then they turn around and say youre getting tiny. im like thanks for helping and stfu.
    im sorry they noticed so quickly.


  4. they just want you to be fat, so prove them that you really can do it and lose that weight! stay strong♥

    please look my blog, its on finnish but you can use google translator and so on ... but please :)

  5. I guess I'm lucky (or unlucky?) enough to not be noticeable yet. I'm at the point where people think I'm average, but not skinny. I'll be there soon though, I hope....

    I'm jealous of you, you must be super skinny. Take care of yourself, try to find ways to look like you're eating when really you're not. You can do it!

    Happy holidays!