Sunday, June 20, 2010

not disappeared, but away for the summer

hey loves
so i'm working at a camp for the next nine weeks
with one shared computer between a staff of like 60 plus 15-20something yearolds
so basically i'll barely be able to post
i'm still working on the losses though,
met my first goal weight! i hit 114.5 yesterday! it made me soooo happy!
partly i think when i don't eat a lot, the topamax helps my body lose more weight faster. and it keeps my hunger from being too painful, and sometimes i just don't get hungry all day even though i don't eat, so that's really cool, especially since i'll be working as a counselor and i have to be on my game with the kids all day long, so i really can't be worrying about myself or in pain.

love and luck to you all, i hope you're doing well
i've been feeling a lot better.

i went to BONNAROO! and it was definitely one of the best experiences of my lifeee i urge you all to go
i had plenty of favorites. tops wereee. regina spektor, she & him, jay-z, the xx, deadmau5, the flaming lips, lcd soundsystem...the list goes on and much music, and everyone was sooo good!

okwell. i have to leave really soon (tonight!) but i'll try to do a few short posts if i ever get a chance just to update you on things if i can.

love&luck to you all
&&;i have been reading, just so you know,
<3 anastasia

nicole fox from antm cycle 13, my favorite winner!


  1. sounds like you're doing great!
    good luck this summer then, i hope you'll find time to post a bit though (i've been reading for a long time now, and i'm glad you're posting again).

    love io

    ps. Nicole was my favorite too :D

  2. So good to hear from you; and CONGRATS on reaching a goal! be stronggg (:

    I loveddd Nicole too; specially since they were all shorties. (Although really...5'7" is still humongous to me)

  3. i was at bonnaroo too!!! so upset i missed deadmau5...

  4. i've been doing terrible. with life. with losing weight. i got down to 123, and today im 128.
    i re-read through a lot of your posts, and i am SO RE-INSPIRED to lose weight. i really am. i needed something. i needed to find something to give me that spark of hope. and reading your posts, and what you've gone through totally was what i needed. so i just wanted to say thank you! and i cant wait for the upcoming posts. :D

  5. CONGRATS on you goal! Have a lovely summer!!

  6. I just read through your blog from start to finish! It was soooo inspirational to me. We are v similar heights (I'm 5"1) and my HW ever was 122lbs. It was gross!! I'm not trying to get as low as you, but I wish all the luck in the world - just be safe about it and stay healthy too otherwise you can't enjoy being skinny!
    Enjoy your summer camp - I'm waiting for you to get back :)